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 Headmaster Grimm's Rules!

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PostSubject: Headmaster Grimm's Rules!   Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:36 am

Welcome to Ever After High! In order to keep things balanced around here we're gonna need you to co-operate with us by following these simple forum rules!

1.No Bullying
This is a very clear and expected rule. Bullying also falls into discrimination. You should not bully because you never know the impact it might have on someone (you also shouldn't do it because it's just plain wrong). If we do catch you bullying your account will be on a temporary suspension. If you still continue to bully even when you are back, your account will be banned.

2.No Inappropriate Content
This is a very clear and expected rule. Any inappropriate content will be removed and your account will be suspended or banned as there are minors on this forum.

3. No Inappropriate Language
Do not cuss,swear, or curse. This is very clear and any member who is caught doing any of this will face consequences. 

4.No Intentional Spamming!
If we do see you trying to spam intentionally your account will be suspended or banned.

5.No Rumours!
We don't tolerate rumours here. If you are going to say something that hasn't been officially declared yet by the official mattel company then you can say it's been "allegedly said". Do not spread false news.

6.No Double Posting!
Double posting is not allowed. There is an edit button for a reason, if you forget to put something in your last post you can always fix it by clicking the edit button. You can only double post in the Creativity area and Roleplay area if you have a new piece of work or a new story to add. However, please make sure you aren't just repeating yourself. Double Posting is acceptable if it has been approved specifically for someone on a specific topic.

7.No Unapproved Advertisement!
Do not post advertisement on the forum that hasn't been seen by me or the rest of the mods. If you want to advertise something on our forum please pm us.

8. Signatures
At maximum your signatures should be by 500 x 250 pixels, but as long as they don't conflict the site it is okay. As for videos, you can't have videos on your signatures. This is because i've had complaints that the videos keep autostarting for some reason. Until we fix this problem please do not add videos on your signatures.
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Headmaster Grimm's Rules!
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