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 Vanessa La Bouff, Daughter of Charlotte La Bouff

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PostSubject: Vanessa La Bouff, Daughter of Charlotte La Bouff   Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:47 am

Full Name: Vanessa La Bouff
Daughet of: Charlotte La Bouff
Age: 16
Royal/Rebel/Roybel/or none?: Royal
Secret Heart's Desire (What keeps your character motivated?):
Vanessa has a true passion for fashion and whenever there's a fashion emergency or a sale at the Magic Mall she's always there!
My "Magic" Touch (A positive unique trait that only your oc possesses): Vanessa is a bit sarcastic and a bit mean but once you get to know her she does have a soft spot for her friends. She will always try to help out her friend when they are in need.
"Oh Curses!" Moment (What does your character really hate?): Vanessa is always irked with boys who are players, and she will always get revenge on them.
Personality: Vanessa is very your stereotypical "popular girl" but she does have her soft spot for friends. She always likes to have at leas two best friends by her side. She loves fashion and she is very humorous.
Favorite Color: Fairytale Pink
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
Favorite Hobby/Activity: Creating fashion designs
Favorite School Subject: Princessology
Least Favorite Subject: Grimmnastics
Quote (Create a unique quote for your character!): "At least we still look fairytastic!"
Important Facts (Background History and Extra Information):
Being the daughet of Charlotte La Bouff, Vanessa was raised in a very rich environment. When she was younger she had no worries about her destiny because it was always set in stone. Her destiny of being a supporting character in The Princess and the Frog was always perfect so it doesn't bother her. When she turned 16 it was time for her to go to Ever After High, the school for Fairytale characters where she would be the next La Bouff royal. 
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Vanessa La Bouff, Daughter of Charlotte La Bouff
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